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At Wisner & Wisner, LLP DWI Defense is all we do.® Since 1994 we have been providing the best DWI legal defense in Rochester, NY. When your license is at stake® you need our team on your side.

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Our team has a top rating for DWI legal defense for providing a superior level of service and results. When you need the best DWI legal defense you need need Wisner & Wisner, LLP representing you.

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If you have already made one mistake don't make another - hire an experienced DWI legal. Our team of DWI lawyers is one of the most experienced DWI defense teams in Rochester, NY.

DWI Defense is All We Do®

Have you been charged with a DWI? If so, the first thing you should do is obtain a DWI Defense layer. When your license is at stake® is not just a tag line. It?s where we begin. The beginning of a attorney client relationship founded upon the collateral consequences that befall a motorist who faces the real prospect of losing his or her license. The consequences are many and we have seen them all. From the inability to get a child to day care, to the loss of a sales job, losing a professional license or the loss of one?s liberty.

At Wisner & Wisner, LLP DWI Defense is all we do.® And it?s all we have done since 1994. Our long tradition of Fighting for your driving privileges® is why we are the law firm executives, professionals, and hard working individuals turn to provide the best legal defense to a New York DWI. We have also been the firm of choice to represent several defendants charged with a DWI homicide. Most of the time we get results by avoiding a conviction, protecting a client?s freedom and maintaining most, if not all, of the driving privileges.

Think of us as a bridge. It is our job to get you there even when the task seems impossible. You have in your favor New York?s criminal procedure law, rules of evidence and one of New York?s most experienced legal teams adept at cross examination, legal writing and appellate advocacy. We work closely with investigators, medical personnel and experts on the science of breath and blood testing.

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When your license is at stake.®

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